A new place for Barking’s community to come together and enjoy

Regenerating a key part of Barking’s riverside. A new mixed-use development delivering 1,758 new high-quality homes for private and affordable renters, a new Tesco store, new cafes, offices and workshops for small local businesses, 2.3 acres of curated public realm and gardens, an improved landscaped river walkway and a new River Roding footbridge creating connections to the town centre.

Arrival Square – A new public square for Barking

Thank you for visiting the website for the emerging redevelopment proposals for Quayside Barking at the Tesco Superstore site in London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Earlier in the year we outlined our initial ideas and aspirations for the site and the proposals have evolved following feedback. On this website you will find updates on our proposals.


EcoWorld believes that the Quayside Barking site is the key connecting piece at the heart of the River Roding area undergoing significant regeneration. As the central piece, it provides the opportunity to integrate the surrounding developments and create a vibrant new part of Barking that complements Barking’s existing and emerging offer.

A vibrant new riverside place for Barking’s community to come together and enjoy. Quayside Barking will be an open door for all members of the community, and its family of renters, affordable renters, shared ownership home owners, Tesco staff and shoppers, small local businesses/cafes and the Apo team will have a variety of high quality public and private places available to them that enhance their lives and encourage connections with the new and surrounding existing communities.

Quayside Barking will provide a place for local people to express and celebrate Barking’s creativity and enhance their connection with the River Roding; it will provide the infrastructure, ongoing stewardship and environment for local residents, businesses and ecology to thrive.

Public and private places to bring the new and existing communities together

New high-quality homes with 35% affordable housing

New high-quality homes with 35% affordable housing

New high-quality homes with 35% affordable housing

Providing jobs and workshop spaces for Barking’s community to thrive

Improved Tesco store to meet modern needs