Our proposals for Quayside Barking generates employment through the retention of Tesco, new creative workspaces, and construction and operational jobs. The plans include:

  • A new commercial cluster that creates ground floor activity and footfall across the development
  • Fit for purpose space designed specifically for small businesses particularly within the micro business sector
  • Commercial space which will provide new local amenities including retail and cafe bars
  • Commercial spaces for approximately 10 new local businesses
  • Apo_ creating 30 jobs at Quayside Barking for the management and operation of the BtR element
  • 150 local jobs safeguarded at Tesco

Professional Skills

We will provide opportunities for local individuals to join a range of careers such as Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Business Administration. We will secure these opportunities for under-represented groups throughout both EcoWorld and our broader consultancy supply chain. We will support these individuals to become positive role models within the community.

Construction Jobs

We will provide opportunities throughout the construction process. We will undertake detailed labour-forecasting which will identify where and when the jobs are available. We will embed the requirement for our supply chain to provide these opportunities within the procurement of the contracts.


We will provide a range of employment opportunities in partnership with Tesco.

Start Up

We will provide a small business campus which will attract micro-business, SMEs & start-ups.