New public realm for all to enjoy

Quayside Barking will provide 2.3 acres of curated public realm and gardens, an improved landscaped river walkway and a new River Roding footbridge, creating connections to neighbouring developments and the town centre for the local community.

Managed, safe and activated public spaces for all the community to enjoy

Garden square – A community garden

Arrival square – A place of celebration for Barking’s community

Garden square will be the length of an Olympic swimming pool (1,650sqm)

Arrival square will be a similar size to the square outside Barking Town Hall

360m landscaped river walkway – the distance from Barking station to Iceland foodstore.

The landscaped river walk will create an attractive walking and running route with new planting and trees, incidental play spaces and public art. The design includes lean rails at key points along the River Walk to allow people to stop and overlook the river and multi-functional furniture will be provided that can be used for fitness, play, relaxing and act as sculptures when not in use.

Improving local ecology

76% biodiversity net gain achieved through:

  • Planting 237 new trees
  • Providing wildlife habitats, such as living roofs and 460sqm hedgerow and perennial planting directly adjacent to the river to provide ‘stepping stone’ habitats for species that utilise the river
  • Creating 170m2 of intertidal habitats including reedbed planting, a notable habitat known to be used by reed warbler
  • Bat and bird boxes aimed at species including starling, house sparrow, kingfisher, sand martin (at the new river wall), pipistrelle species and noctule
  • A mixture of native and non-native planting throughout the landscaping
  • A 62% hedgerow gain is achieved

Lighting will be designed to avoid spill on to habitats, wildlife corridors (such as hedges and water ways), trees and buildings that may support bat roosts or nesting birds.

A new River Roding pedestrian and cycle footbridge to connect to the new developments and the town centre